Domestic Archeology

Domestic Archeology  tells the story of a strange modern man through the unusual trappings in his home. This Renaissance man dabbles, in science, religion, medicine, the black arts, and any curiosity that peek his interest. Through seeing his many personal effects and ephemera, the viewer gains an understanding of what this man is passionate about, but there are many more questions than answers.

The images feature an arrangements of dolls, medical and science supplies, and various antiques and found objects to create tableaux that challenge the viewer to ascertain the relationship of these objects and why this man chooses to share his home with them. Arrangements focus on objects that create visual and psychological tension among them. The lighting will vary some from scene to scene, but will carry a common thread of warmth, darkness, and age.

Formal elements such as balance, composition, lighting, color unity, and clarity will be very important in allowing the viewer to truly examine these objects for what they are, and how and why these particular elements have been brought together. 

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